John Avery

UK, Composer / Sound Designer

John Avery has composed seven productions for VDT including the film Glasshouse. John’s work includes sound design for DV8’s To Be Straight With You, a Resonance commission for Opera North and a Jerwood Choreography Award with Wendy Houstoun. He has created 13 soundtracks for Forced Entertainment including Emmanuelle Enchanted & Club of No Regrets. Since 1995 John has composed for several pieces by Wendy Houstoun including The Reverse Effect at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. In 1999 he was invited by the South Bank Centre to compose for the Take Me To The River dance festival. John worked with choreographer Dan O’ Neil on several projects including The Red Red Shoes at the Unicorn Theatre. His composition for film includes Diary of a Dancer directed by David Hinton and Jocelyn Cammack’s films Dancing Across The Water and Piano di Rotta with Emio Greco. John is based in London.