Azzurra Ardovini

Azzurra Ardovini

Italy, Performer

Azzurra started her training in ballet and contemporary in Florence, before moving to the UK to continue her training at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) from 2003 to 2006. In 2006-07 she was part of EDge Dance Company, whilst there she already started working professionally as a freelance artist which carried on after. During that time Azzurra worked with Rosemary Lee, Jonathan Lunn, Freddie Opoku-Addaie, ENO, ROH. In 2008 she joined Henri Oguike Dance Company and later in 2009 she moved to Phoenix Dance Theatre where she danced until June 2013. During her time there she danced with many choreographers, including Lost Dog, Douglas Thorpe, Aletta Collins, Richard Alston and many others and she has continued  pursuing her choreographic interests. Since leaving Phoenix Dance Theatre Azzurra has worked both in the UK and in Belgium with choreographers like Akram Khan, Kim Brandstrup, James Cousins, Jorge Crecis and Vincent Dance Theatre amongst others.

In 2012 she graduated with Distinction in an MA in Contemporary Dance from LCDS and she was nominated for Outstanding Female Performer (Contemporary) at the 2012 Critics’ Circle Awards.

Azzurra teaches extensively both professionally and to youth groups and together with her fellow colleagues Phil Sanger and Josh Willie, they just set up The Ashes Collective. The Ashes aim to create a free, artistic environment where ideas can flow and develop without pressure on the final product whilst enhancing the feeling of experimenting and sharing amongst the three artists. The Ashes’s vision is to reach a wide audience and facilitate contemporary dance to grow and be known.

Azzurra was also awarded a Leadership Mentoring Scheme by Dance UK in 2015.