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Video Interview with Charlotte Vincent

By Susan Cunningham

Article 19, 28 November 2005

Charlotte Vincent returns to Article19 with an interview covering her new work “Broken Chords” During her chat with Susan Cunningham prior to the company’s show at the Traverse in Edinburgh she discusses her work, live music, Polish dancers and what the future holds for this emerging bright star in the inky blackness of contemporary dance.

Charlotte Vincent and Vincent Dance Theatre have racked quite a few firsts here on Article19. Ms Vincent was the first choreographer to feature in a video interview, the company were one of the firsts to be featured in wide screen video and now Ms Vincent returns to be the first dance maker to have two video interviews on this, the most humble of websites!

Susan Cunningham spoke to Charlotte in the clutter of the company’s dressing room just before their show at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh (that’s in Scotland don’t you know! Ed!)

Charlotte goes into detail about the company’s creative process and tells us just what would change if she had the power to command the contemporary dance profession as she saw fit!

The interview is 10 minutes long and features extensive footage from “Broken Chords”. The work is performed by TC Howard, Aurora Lubos, Patrycja Kujawska, Janusz Orlik, Lee Clayden, Alexandru Catona, Darren Anderson and Eleanor McDonald.

We will run a separate video feature on Broken Chords before Christmas, so check back for that.

Further information about the company and their touring and production details can be found on their website.