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Punch Drunk

Article 19, 7 February 2005

There are lots of dance theatre company’s around, more and more it seems every day, so we bring you Vincent Dance Theatre and their latest production ‘Punchdrunk’. It may well be ‘theatre’ but is it art dear reader? Watch and find out for yourself.

Created by Charlotte Vincent, company director, and the cast Punchdrunk is an often chaotic look at the back stage madness facing a theatre company on the edge of destruction. This take on the behind the scenes world of theatre types is probably a lot more accurate than many would care to admit!

The production blurb tells us;

“PUNCH DRUNK celebrates Vincent Dance Theatre’s tenth anniversary with a sensational journey into the world of vaudeville and burlesque. An international cast of seductive showgirls and shameless men perform an exotic variety show, full of extravagant costumes, risqué routines, acrobatic feats and clever turns.

In an emotionally raw and comic story of undercurrents and underwear, PUNCH DRUNK’s six extraordinary performers reveal the backstage bickering, blood, sweat and tears behind their glamorously corseted speciality acts.”

In our video feature we bring a 5 minute clip from the 90 minute piece. As well as the video presentation we are also bringing you a first for us and probably any other dance related publication in the shape of a video interview with Charlotte Vincent which includes even more footage from the show.

Puchdrunk is performed by T.C. Howard (pictured above), Janusz Orlik, Patrycja Kujawska, Aurora Lubos, Lindsey Butcher, Geir Hytten and Iris Heitzinger with music by John Avery.

Punchdrunk will be touring throughout 2005, current touring dates are available in the listings with more information available from the company’s web site. Links as always to the right near the top of the page.