SHUT DOWN Film Installation credit Bosie Vincent

‘Hugely talented and versatile, they play instruments, sing, dance and speak, and range in age from pre-teen to 70-plus.’ London Evening Standard

‘A great strength of Vincent’s work is its continuity. She has committed herself to a team of performers who, over the years, have become familiar figures to her audience.’ The Observer

Vincent Dance Theatre produces the work of choreographer and director Charlotte Vincent who conceives, directs and designs the company’s work. Vincent Dance Theatre is an ensemble of multi-talented, international collaborators. The company’s production work places emphasis on the personal contribution, individual physicality and cultural background of every collaborator involved.

For ensemble productions, Charlotte invites performers, dancers, musicians and writers to work alongside Vincent Dance Theatre’s core collaborators including Janusz Orlik, Robert Clark, Aurora Lubos and Antonia Grove, amongst others. Productions emerge over a sustained making period through structured, task-based improvisation, through discussion, writing, composing and play.

Artistic Director

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Artistic Director / Chief Executive

Executive Director

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Production Managers

  • Mat Ort
  • Steve Collis

Trainee Facilitators

  • Lucy Clark
  • Catherine Sleeman