Charlotte Vincent is considered ‘one of the UK’s leading female choreographer/directors’ and ‘one of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today’ (The Observer). VDT is an international ensemble of multi-tasking collaborators who devise interdisciplinary performance to challenge conventional values in dance and gender politics.

Charlotte Vincent’s distinctive voice is increasingly in demand as a facilitator, provocateur and catalyst for critical debate. Charlotte facilitates professional development work through VDT’s mentoring and CPD programmes and via Dance Agencies in the UK and abroad.

In 2024, Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT) celebrates 30 years of producing high quality, socially engaged dance theatre work on stage, on film and online, moving people to think differently about issues of our time. 

VDT’s work explores the complex tensions between non-professional engagement and professional practice, guided by an inclusive approach that involves researching, developing, devising and producing dance theatre work with a wide range of people, communities and organisations. 

The company’s collaborative work is driven by Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent’s distinctive, choreographic practice and its distribution, application and use in a range of arts, non-arts and academic settings locally and nationally in physical spaces and globally online. 

Vincent’s consciously inclusive approach particularly engages young people and women, offering a public platform to those whose voices might not otherwise be heard. 

Vincent’s consciously inclusive approach particularly engages young people and women, offering a public platform to those whose voices might not otherwise be heard. Safeguarding is embedded in our all of our creative and participatory practice, and with Playing On Theatre Company), VDT has developed a useful Safeguarding Resource  for those working in the arts.  

Participation is embedded in every new production process and the company also  offers distinct professional development training, workshops in Higher Education Institutions and Schools. VDT also offer Traineeships, Internships, Mentoring and a range of  opportunities for dialogue and debate. Vincent’s work features in academic Publications and Vincent’s PhD Thesis, reflecting on VDT’s practice can be seen here.

Vincent is a vocal advocate for improving conditions for parents and carers working in the performing arts sector. In 2023, Vincent gained a PhD in Performing Arts from Canterbury Christ Church University, reflecting on VDT’s socially engaged choreographic practice, supervised by Dr Angela Pickard. 

Based in Brighton, VDT is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England. VDT is Associate Company at Brighton Dome and Festival and works in regular partnership with the Sidney de Haan Centre for Arts and Health at Canterbury Christ Church University

VDT Policy

Vincent Dance Theatre has a suite of Policies providing specific guidance on a range of company matters. The following Policies are accessible to the public:

VDT’s Code of Conduct

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Questions Resource

Data Collection Policy

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy