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Women in Dance

Women in Dance



This page offers links, thoughts, articles and documentation of practice and curated events that highlight the political, aesthetic and employment issues facing women choreographers working in Britain today. What are the qualities and practices that distinguish women’s practice from male driven work? What are the conditions are attached to this work? What are the practical problems that women choreographers and dancers face? Is there real equality in the dance field?


Upcoming Events

Dialogue & Debate



21 & 22 November 09
Space for Ideas at The Point, Eastleigh


More Resources

Audio and Video
DANCE UK & DANCE UMBRELLA DEBATE 21 October 09, Where are the Women?

Articles and Writings
GUARDIAN 27 October 09, Vanishing pointe: where are all the great female choreographers?
STAGE 27 October 09, Motherhood ‘clashes’ with top jobs in dance
DANCE UMBRELLA June 09, Working Women Working: Shobana Jeyasingh, Charlotte Vincent and Wendy Houstoun interviewed by Donald Hutera
GUARDIAN BLOG 12 May 09, Where have all the women choreographers gone?
GUARDIAN 11 May 09, Dance world ‘failing to celebrate women

Links and Resources
PREGNANCY AND PARENTHOOD IN DANCE, Vincent Dance Theatre’s research project with Dance UK and Creative & Cultural Skills
DANCE UK, Pregnancy and the Dancer information sheet
GUARDIAN PROFESSIONAL, Dance and Motherhood – A Pregnant Pause?
EQUITY, Equity's petition for the fair representation of women on screen and stage




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