VDT 2016 Virgin Territory Production

Virgin Territory

2016/2017, LIVE PRODUCTION 80 minutes / FILM INSTALLATION 75 minutes


Directed and designed by Charlotte Vincent
Cinematographer/Editor Bosie Vincent
Composer Jules Maxwell

‘Brave and unnerving exploration’ **** The Guardian

Vincent is ‘one of the most important feminist artists working in the UK today’ The Observer

‘Thought-provoking. A must see for all parents, teachers and young people’ Audience Feedback, Brighton Festival 2017

‘Brilliant. Powerful. Touching.’ Audience Feedback, Brighton Festival 2017

Charlotte Vincent’s VIRGIN TERRITORY takes a bold and uncompromising look at our hyper-sexualised culture and the impact it is having on girls and young women growing up today. We all want to be ‘liked’ and ‘followed’, but what effect does performing for the camera have on our lives?

VIRGIN TERRITORY is a multi-layered film installation, performed by four children aged 12-14 and four adults, with real-life testimonies, stunning cinematography and bold performances screened across five large televisions, mounted on school benches.

With moving, resilient performances at its core, VIRGIN TERRITORY asks vital questions about responsibility and being an ‘audience’ as we witness children playing in an adult online world.

Watch the VDT CALENDAR for details of  Virgin Territory Installation on tour this autumn.

Adult supervision for under 14s is advised.
Virgin Territory contains content that some people may find upsetting.

Photography by Bosie Vincent

VIRGIN TERRITORY on film was commissioned by Brighton Dome as part of Kate Tempest’s Brighton Festival and premiered at O N C A Gallery 10-21 May 2017.


★★★★ ‘Brave…unnerving exploration of the sexualised imagery mobilised by smartphones and circulated inside classrooms’. The Guardian 2016

‘With a sensational cast of performers who combine technical skill with brilliant body language and emotional depth, Vincent delivers forceful messages through her poetic and political dance theatre. This is a must for every teenage girl or boy.’ London Dance

‘It is a deeply uncomfortable work, made all the more so in Vincent’s stroke of genius to cast four child performers alongside four adults….. The torch that Vincent shines on the dichotomies in modern life is searching.’ Dance Tabs

With Vincent Dance Theatre’s trademark black humour, our live production of VIRGIN TERRITORY takes an uncompromising look at what it is like for young people to live in an over-stimulating, over-sexualised, digitally captured world. Four adults and four children negotiate some uncomfortable truths about the culture we live in, where bodies are exposed, identities are faked and our deepest truths remain hidden.

Heartbreaking in its honesty and brave in its intent, VIRGIN TERRITORY is a hopeful, rallying cry from the ‘astonishingly original’ Vincent Dance Theatre (New York Times) to just let our kids be kids.

‘Deeply affecting. Important. Relevant. Brutally honest. Reflective. Delicate. Complex’ Audience member, The Place

VIRGIN TERRITORY on stage was commissioned by The Place. VDT is Associate Company at Brighton Dome and Festival and Artistic Partner with Yorkshire Dance. VDT is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England. Photography by Hugo Glendinning.

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VIRGIN TERRITORY production at The Place, 2016


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