Artistic Director/Choreographer Charlotte Vincent and her brilliant ensemble, Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT), have been moving people and making them think since 1994. “One of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today” (The Observer), Vincent is known for creating brave, humorous and “astonishingly original” (New York Times) performance work with a “crackling intellectual core” (The Observer).

VDT’s latest programme of activity gives voice to what it’s like to live as a young person today. Facilitating creative workshops with a range of community groups, conducting individual interviews with young people, developing a related social awareness campaign #VDTEverydayAction and filming all the processes involved.

VDT is  gathering young people’s experiences  and testimonies to feed Charlotte Vincent’s creation of three new live, online and film-based projects: VIRGIN TERRITORY, a live and digitally distributed new production looking at girls and young women in 2016; SHUT DOWN,  a new live and digitally distributed new work looking at boys and young men in 2017; SHOW DOWN,  the making of reflective film in 2018; and the curation of an arts and social change conference event, FAIR PLAY, in 2018.

‘Meticulously detailed, working across generations, it’s more than dance. Charlotte is shouting in the spaces that matter’ Judith Mackrell, Guardian Dance Critic