We are delighted to announce that VDT’s Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation funding will continue 2018-2022.

Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT) produce powerful dance theatre work, on a variety of scales and in a range of forms and contexts: on stage, on film and online.

Unflinching in its desire to provoke discussion around contemporary issues, VDT’s 2017-18 programme explores what it’s like to live as a young person today with:

Artistic Director/Choreographer Charlotte Vincent and her brilliant, multi-tasking ensemble have been moving people and making them think since 1994. Named by The Observer as ‘one of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today’, Vincent creates brave, humorous and ‘astonishingly original’ (New York Times) productions with a ‘crackling intellectual core’ (The Observer).

VDT is currently redefining what a ‘middle-scale’ dance touring company does, by giving equal weight to ‘community’ and ‘professional’ practice, collaborating across generations, social class and race in the devising and performing of new productions, integrating our ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMME, into the making and distribution of these productions and distributing them on stage, on film and online alongside our online campaign against everyday sexism #VDTEverydayAction.

Vincent also delivers MENTORING and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT workshops and labs, directs SPECIAL PROJECTS for other artists and regularly takes part in  INSIGHTS, REFLECTIONS and DIALOGUE AND DEBATES that offer insight into her creative process, politics, methodology and collaborative approach to making work.

Vincent Dance Theatre is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England. VDT is Associate Company at Brighton Dome. VDT and Yorkshire Dance are Artistic Partners.

‘Meticulously detailed, working across generations, it’s more than dance. Charlotte is shouting in the spaces that matter’ Judith Mackrell, Guardian Dance Critic