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Charlotte Vincent is ‘one of the UK’s leading female choreographer/directors’ (The Observer). Since 1994, Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT) has produced powerful, engaging dance theatre work that tours nationally and internationally, accompanied by an extensive programme of participatory and professional development activity.

VDT is an international ensemble of multi-tasking collaborators who devise cross disciplinary performance that challenges conventional values in dance and gender politics. VDT produces other artist’s work, hosts The Table, curates international exchange labs, publishes research and facilitates critical debate around contemporary performance practice. Charlotte’s distinctive voice also acts as a mentor, teacher, facilitator, writer, provocateur and catalyst for critical debate and social change.

VDT is a National Portfolio Organisation, funded by Arts Council England. Charlotte Vincent is Resident Artist at South East Dance. VDT is Associate Company at Brighton Dome. VDT and Yorkshire Dance are Artistic Partners.


VDT is pleased that Arts Council England continues to fund the company as a National Portfolio Organisation 2015-18. This will support the development of new work by Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent described by ACE "as a leading Choreographer/Director of an International ensemble cast, a curator and activist championing gender equality and debate and making work that is feminist in politic." Future projects will include two new works performed by children for adults, young people and their communities in 2016 & 2017.

Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent says, "It is important that key partners trust and value our work. I am delighted that Arts Council England remains a partner."



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